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  • graphic recording for presentations

    Graphic recording can help make your content unforgettable.

    It’s perfect for capturing the essence of:


    • speeches
    • keynotes
    • workshops
    • interviews
    • panel discussions
    • conferences
    • seminars
  • graphic recording for collaboration

    Looking for a creative way to keep everyone engaged during your meeting? A way to make complex ideas clear and eliminate confusion?

    Use the power of visual language for group collaboration.

    Graphic recording can transform:


    • Brainstorming
    • Strategic Visioning & Roadmap
    • Project Planning
    • Team Building
    • Focus Groups


    A graphic recorder is a significant partner to the facilitator of the meeting.

  • studio work

    Custom charts and templates prepared ahead of time to support your event. For example, visual agendas, roadmaps, and picture quotes.

  • sketch videos

    more info coming soon!


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